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We aim to provide everything a developer needs to develop rich contextually aware apps.  This includes mobile SDK’s, UI SDK, API, web dashboard, beacon configuration app, as well as additional resources to make the process of implementing Apsima into your mobile development as smooth as possible.
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The Apsima REST API can be used to access resources on the Apsima server from either a mobile device or another server.  Most of the API is already encapsulated into the iOS and Android SDKs.  It is strongly recommended to use those SDKs from those platforms as they provide a lot of more features.
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Mobile SDK
A mobile SDK is available for both iOS and Android. The Standard SDK encapsulates all the API to receive notification, detect beacon proximity, etc. into a native implementation.  Developers have the option to build their own UI on top of our SDK or take advantage of our UI SDK to speed up their app development.
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The Apsima web dashboard allows developers to manage their app and their campaigns. For instance, through the dashboard you can decide on what actions to take when users get within close proximity of a beacon etc.
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Apsima supports any iBeacon compatible beacon straight out of the box. We are also working closely with several manufactures to more tightly integrate beacon configuration.
We offer several resources to help you with your development including videos and tutorials.  We provide a sample app for both iOS and Android with source code to get you started. In addition, our comprehensive documentation for the mobile SDKs and REST API will give you more details.
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